You don't have to live in the pages of an interior design magazine to feel deeply in love with your home.

And in fact, when it comes to your living space, size doesn't matter.

Your super-tiny or ultra-ginormous house or apartment can make you feel safe, nurtured and...held by the most intimate, loving arms.

Your house can snuggle up to your soul + make you feel like you're finally home.

Work with me on the Feng Shui Design of your home.

Cheryl really cares about making a house a HOME. She has the exceptional ability to look at an empty space and build a home into it. She picked gorgeous new paint colors for the walls of our century-old home that both honored the age of the home & created a contemporary style my husband and I love! And she also knows how to use existing pieces in new ways to make them stand out and shine. We have received endless compliments!
— Dr. Krissy Bussman, DVM

Cheryl has a natural ability to listen in a deep way. She caught the wave of my soul and helped me understand myself much better than I had before. After our session, I understood my own need to create a much more “Zen” studio environment, and I found the space within myself to honor that desire and fulfill it.
— Dana Cunningham Anderson | Artlight Media

Cheryl’s wisdom, expertise & advice give way to magic. My first session with her was fiery, rich & fun! She generously shared her ideas and checked in frequently to make sure we were on the same page. When I expressed alarm at painting our ceilings anything but white, she encouraged me to implement changes as they felt comfortable. Paint one wall at a time. Feel it out. Well, the idea grew on both of us and the only white ceilings left in the house are in the bathrooms because they aren’t painted yet!
— Janel + Leslie | Life Coach + Tattoo Artist

My clients regularly tell me, "I WANT MY HOME TO FEEL...

  • peaceful

  • healthy

  • wealthy

  • sexy

  • safe

  • nurtured

  • quiet

  • productive

  • focused

  • passionate

  • inspired

  • creative

You CAN feel these things in your house. In fact, you deserve to feel this way!

Now tell me.... 

What's really bugging you about your space?

  • Something doesn't feel quite right + you're not sure what it is

  • The design or layout of the furniture feels off

  • The walls colors don't feel good + you don't know what new colors to paint them

  • You're not in love with your space

  • You're embarrassed to have people over

  • You feel overwhelmed, agitated, anxious or unhappy at home

  • You can't seem to find a place where you can really relax

  • A particular room {like the kitchen} feels outdated and tired

  • You crave CHANGE

  • You're not productive in your home office

  • You're not really using the space in the way you'd like to

  • You + your husband/wife/partner or kids aren't sleeping well

  • You + your home feel stuck and not in the flow

  • You desire new lighting, art, decor, rugs and/or furniture but need help choosing the right stuff

  • You dream of having a home you ADORE

Energy imbalances often show up on the level of feeling. Many of us have had the experience of feeling that "something is not right" in our space + this can point to an energetic block. 

My work with Feng Shui design can help you translate that feeling of "something not being right" into specific actions to bring balance to your environment + create the home you love!

The same principles apply to:

  • Attracting a new love relationship or renewing the love in your existing one

  • Vital health and well-being

  • Learning to balance your life + manage your energy

  • Starting a new career or business  

  • Getting unstuck + opening up to more creative flow

  • Connecting with your passion + soul's purpose

  • Transitioning to a new chapter of your life

  • Learning a new skill or study

  • Loving yourself

  • Your desire to have a baby

  • Building your work + recognition in the world

  • Cultivating community, friendships and family

  • Increasing self-esteem

  • Living in harmony with the internal and external environment

  • Before or while building a new structure

  • At the commencement of a remodel

  • During a new house search

  • In a house where you’ve been living in for many years

The results from implementing Feng Shui design can be truly powerful + life changing. The necessary changes can happen at any part of the process.

Feng Shui Design is an effective tool very adaptable to any time or life situation.


A House Feng Shui design session is an amazing way to create the space + life you love. I have been showing people how to create soulful, loving spaces for 11 years now, and over that time I have discovered one or two sessions is often not enough to unlock the full potential of a space + help you achieve your desired results.

That's why all of my House Feng Shui Design plans include both in-person sessions at your home, phone check-ins and unlimited text and email follow-up support. These high value plans were created to support you through the entire process.


    1. Powerful, life-changing on-site Feng Shui design sessions
    2. Follow-up phone sessions to answer questions & keep you moving towards creating the home you ADORE!
    3. Unlimited text & email support: I give you quick answers to your questions. You get expert opinions on your furniture & decor choices & access to your personal feng shui cheerleader!


    • Prioritizing areas of your home & life you want to change FIRST
    • The activation of your money zone to amplify & keep your finances flowing
    • New paint colors to align your vision of the space with how you want it to feel
    • Intelligent re-positioning of existing furniture & decor
    • Wall decor & art your love
    • Budget conscious shopping support for new items
    • Recommendations for mood, table and floor lighting to enhance the energy of your home
    • Specific areas of the Bagua to create the life you desire
    • The position of your desk {in your home office} to improve self confidence, and put you in the command seat of your life
    • The bedroom to ensure rest, relaxation, romance and love relationships
    • Removing energetic blocks, opening the space to good flow
    • Your front entrance inside and outside to attract positive energy & opportunities to your door
    • Your floor plan to keep vital ch’i or energy from leaking
    • Complete re-model support; help you choose the best finishes & materials aligned with your vision and in harmonious collaboration with your architect and/or contractor
    • Correct missing areas of the Bagua
    • Your garden, yard or outdoor area
    • Analysis of the surrounding geography


    1. Deep intuitive insight into how your space is effecting you, identifying any energetic blocks present in the environment
    2. A heart-centered, highly skilled & experienced designer to help you re-design your space & break through blocks in your growth
    3. Color consulting to help you find the perfect palette for you & your home!
    4. Your easy to follow personal Feng Shui Design plan for combining room use, intelligent furniture layout, decor, and color to transform your space & your life
    5. Ongoing support and encouragement to help you stay clear, motivated, and excited about making changes in your home
    6. Priority access to savvy design resources -- green, local & sustainable furniture & decor, unique color palettes, & helpful DIY how to guides for creating big life & house transformation through modern Feng Shui design, without getting bogged down with endless shopping

    Cheryl Janis Designs is based in Sebastopol & offers in-person Feng Shui Design services in Sonoma & Marin Counties, Berekely & Oakland. Cheryl also works online with her clients globally.

    I have worked with Cheryl both professionally & personally. She cares deeply, helps tremendously and is a professional through and through. I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in changing their lives and their surroundings at a very deep level.
    — Arlene Lord | Interior Designer

    We bought our current house 4 years ago & Cheryl has been involved with every project. I save a lot of time, energy & money by regularly consulting with her. For example: Cheryl helped me find the perfect paint colors for every room, kitchen chairs that make my heart sing, a beautiful $400 dining room table (she knew that it was on sale for 40% off), the most comfortable dining room chairs EVER that compliment, a dreamy sofa that actually feels like it hugs you, lovely living room chairs and a divine rug that pulls it all together. Working with Cheryl is a dream!
    — Anne Laderman | Yoga Instructor

    When Cheryl first recommended I move my office out of the small den & into our gorgeous sunken living room located in my Wealth Area, my first reaction was, “Well, I can’t do that.”

    And then I reflected...Could this be part of why I struggled with feeling joy when spending money? Could this be part of why I had a hard time knowing how much to bill for my services & what my work was worth? Could this be part of why I sometimes felt like my socio-economic status was an area of my life that is either to be justified or pardoned?

    Shortly after beginning to work in my Wealth Area, I gained 3 new clients, one of whom is about to sign the biggest contract of my career EVER! And...I actually enjoyed the holiday season this year, spending money on gifts without the guilt.
    — Chelsea Martin | MS 4C Professional Communication



    There's no logical explanation I can give you, it just works. And in powerful ways. Eleven years of helping people create homes + lives they love has shown me that when you do the work of re-designing your home according to modern feng shui design principles + living with intention, magic happens. And sometimes, it's as easy as moving your furniture around. Period. We go as deep as you want to help create the home + life you want.


    I want to let you in on a secret. Feng Shui has two sources of power. The first is the system's insight into the laws of energy flow that are universal to every situation.

    The second source of Feng Shui's power is you. Yeah, really. When your inner needs and desires are reflected artfully in your home, things really become powerful.

    To get the amazing results I've been helping my other clients enjoy for over a decade, you need to be involved in the work. The difference it makes for you to bring your genius, insight, and presence to the work is just too big to not invite you to the party. You'll love it, I promise.


    I know how overwhelming shopping  can be but it doesn't have to be. Over the years, I've worked out a highly efficient shopping system to help my clients find furniture and decor that's perfect for their space without spending a lot of time shopping.  Plus, you don't have to spend a lot to get big results. I'll provide resources that you + your pocketbook will love.

    At the end of our first session together, I'll leave you with an easy shopping system to implement. You'll be inspired to shop online or at your favorite in-person stores and make your purchases with confidence. I also offer in-real-life shopping services to help you choose the perfect piece of furniture, accessory, rug, light fixture, wall art, or other decor item for your space.

    And all my House Feng Shui Design packages come with unlimited email + text support for the duration of the plan you choose, so I'll be there to guide you through it.


    I never push my clients to spend money. You are always in control of the budget, and I'll work within that budget. I'll also always honor your existing furniture and decor -- re-using and repurposing everything we can.

    Oftentimes drab-feeling decor in one room will suddenly feel alive in another. If you love some or all of your current furniture, you keep it and if or when you're ready to buy new furniture we'll work within your budget guidelines.

    Feng Shui Design is first and foremost about creating the flow that feels right to you. We can do that using existing furniture or new furniture. You're in control. You get to decide.



    My practice of Feng Shui Design is a true collaboration between me and you, and that means that you will be very involved. Trust me, this is a good thing! This work is about empowering you to fully express your inner desires, your soul, your style and your energy in your home.

    For that to happen, you have to be willing to be involved, at least a little bit. This is not about making your home look trendy or like the latest interior design magazine cover. We go much deeper than that to authentically align the vision of your space with who you are.

    Of course you can hire people to do things like painting. But understand that this work only gets the best results if you're willing to take charge of making the changes.


    It's probably pretty obvious by now, but I soooo LOVE this work! I've seen it create quantum life-changing improvements in my client's homes + lives!

    If you're a little bit skeptical about whether it can work for you, I understand. Think about it this way: what if your home was working with you to help you go where you want to go? What it it was amplifying your desires and the vision of your life?

    That's really where the power of Feng Shui Design comes from. It puts your space in alignment with the vision of your life, and that alignment is what creates the life you love.

    You should understand if you just can't imagine how this could possibly work for you, or if you are a person who feels that for sure you have everything figured out and you aren't often surprised by your own life, then this is probably not for you.


    Our time together is an investment in you.

    We all worry about money to some degree or another and are oftentimes dominated by thoughts that we don't have enough of it. These thoughts can lead to energetic blocks in our lives that show up externally in both our living and work spaces, affecting our quality of life.  For example, some of us will unconsciously block doors and windows preventing new opportunities from reaching us, while others will keep possessions that represent old, unhealthy patterns associated with money. 

    We work together to enhance the energy and flow of your life, place you in the power position of your space and work on the Wealth Area of your home. However, inner work is also necessary to support the changes we make together in your environment. Your home is a living, breathing reflection of you + if you're not ready to make the investment to change your space + your life, it's totally okay.


    Remember, from the very first day we start working together, you'll receive:

    1. Deep intuitive insight into how your space is effecting you, identifying any energetic blocks present in the environment
    2. A heart-centered, highly skilled & experienced designer to help you re-design your space & break through blocks in your growth
    3. Color consulting to help you find the perfect palette for you & your home!
    4. Your easy to follow personal Feng Shui Design plan for combining room use, intelligent furniture layout, decor, and color to transform your space & your life
    5. Ongoing support and encouragement to help you stay clear, motivated, and excited about making changes in your home
    6. Priority access to savvy design resources -- green, local & sustainable furniture & decor, unique color palettes, & helpful DIY how to guides for creating big life & house transformation through Feng Shui, without getting bogged down with endless shopping

    Feng Shui Design for Your Home

    You + me together on the phone for 20 minutes. For FREE. Let's make some feng shui magic together.

    You get to tell me what's driving you crazy in your home. I get to help you right now. 

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    Cheryl was the perfect person to introduce Feng Shui into our home. She was gentle + didn’t overwhelm us with philosophy or dogma. She got to the heart of the matter + effectively guided us through every room in our home, detailing what needed to be done.
    — Jeannette Dantonio | The Little Church