What if coming to your place of business -- clinic, practice, studio or space -- was the absolute HIGHLIGHT of your client’s day?

I mean what if they really looked forward to spending time there?

Not just to get what they came to buy, but also to really feel better?

By creating an environment that is both beautiful & uplifting to the soul, you facilitate healing and bring financial vitality to your business.


It's easy & I'll show you how.

Work with me on the Feng Shui design of your business.

Designing a yoga studio layout and developing the scope of work did not intimidate me, but when it came to the interior design & feng shui, I wanted a professional that could just take over, make the decisions on interior elements and work her magic. And magic it was with Cheryl Janis.

In a very non self-promoting way, Cheryl told me color was one of her gifts. If I base all the compliments I’ve had on our colors here in the studio, I have no doubt about that. Cheryl’s work has resulted in visitors saying they have a hard time leaving the studio because it has such a warm, nurturing feel. And I have the pleasure of working in this space every day.
— Michael Roteik | Yoga Omazing

The biggest surprise was after we made all of Cheryl’s initial recommended changes to our clinic, our business tripled in volume and in income.
— Dr. Athena Paradise

After I moved back to Boise and opened my new acupuncture clinic I faced a big problem. The space had white walls and felt cold. I knew if I didn’t do something to change the space, it would make my clients feel even more anxious around needles.

Cheryl chose gorgeous new paint colors for every room, wall and even the ceiling. She told me where to place furniture and decor for the best energy flow to help everyone feel calm, peaceful and well taken care of by me. Now everyone who walks through the front says,“Wow, this space is amazing!”

Some clients share that my clinic feels like they are coming to a spa and they get to experience a mini-retreat in their day. Others are pleasantly surprised and visibly put at ease after walking through the door. And my business is now thriving! 40% to 50% of my clients are now referred by existing clients, and 85% of my clients are repeat clients.
— Heather Bergstrom | Vitality Acupuncture


  • Something doesn't feel quite right + you're not sure what it is
  • The space feels outdated and tired
  • You're not in love with your space
  • The walls colors in the space are bothering you
  • The design or layout of the furniture feels off
  • Your business is not doing as well as you'd like
  • You crave change but don't know where to start
  • You feel overwhelmed, agitated, anxious or unhappy while at work
  • Customers or clients aren't coming back
  • Your team members are not getting along
  • You can't seem to find a place where you can really relax
  • Your business seems to be in hiding; not seen by the world around you

These common problems are often caused by imbalances in the energy flow of the office, store, studio, restaurant or other space the business occupies. You can always tell when there is an energy imbalance in a space. Something will feel off, maybe just a little, but you can feel it big.


If you've been feeling off in your business or work space for awhile now, you may have tuned that feeling out, and it may be draining your personal ch'i or energy. If you relax for a quiet moment + take a few slow deep breaths, you can easily tune in to the energy of the space. Your gut feeling or intuitive sense will tell you the truth when something doesn't feel right. 


There is a solution to a business that doesn't feel right, and it's called Feng Shui Design.

A Business Feng Shui Design session is one of the most amazing ways to create a place where your patients, clients, customers, vendors, colleagues, team members {and everyone else!} feel and value your vision + LOVE it.

By aligning your desires with your business environment, you create optimal flow and positive energy in your space.

That means a continuous flow of abundance for your business like new and repeat clients, increased opportunities, financial freedom, more joy doing the work you love, healthy business relationships and heightened creative inspiration!


Positive energy feeds more positive energy and when you express it in your space, it becomes a magnet, attracting more of it to you and your business.



Are you ready to supercharge your business with positive energy and beauty to help ensure its vitality while doing the work you love?

I'll show you how.

Over the past eleven years, I’ve helped businesses grow + glow + triple their income with savvy modern Feng Shui Design in a variety of environments for:

  • Women owned businesses
  • Clothing stores
  • Small and large restaurants + cafes
  • Pastry shops + bakeries
  • Dental offices
  • Accounting offices
  • Housewives + single moms
  • Techies + graphic designers
  • Art studios
  • Acupuncture + traditional Chinese medicine
  • Allopathic/Western medical offices
  • Consulting businesses
  • Cubicle offices + open floor plans
  • Veterinary practices
  • Chiropractic clinics
  • Physical therapy centers
  • Naturopathic medical practices
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Massage + rolfing practices
  • Reiki + energy healing spaces
  • Counseling + psychology offices
  • Spa + wellness centers
  • Yoga studios

Feng Shui design works with positive energy to help you unfold + express your business with confidence + clarity in your external space.

Over the past eleven years, I’ve had the pleasure of helping businesses + their environments move out of sluggish, stuck energy and into vibrant, thriving outward expressions of their highest aspirations — where word of mouth spreads fast and loyal clients keep coming back!


Have you ever walked into a business only to end up hanging around for a lot longer then you expected — kinda lingering and feeling good without really knowing why?

Here’s the secret of successful business Feng Shui: The energy of the environment is so perfectly aligned with the vision of your business, everyone who comes into the space experiences a positive emotion at the body level.

That experience translates into vital energy [aka money] that keeps coming back.

When your client leaves your office or business, they feel abundantly better and will share their experience with friends and family, and their online communities.


I show you how to express the love + vision of your business in an environment that puts its arms around you, your clients, staff, + colleagues, and gives them THE BIGGEST LOVING HUG EVER!

I help you create a space that whispers in the ear of everybody who comes in it, "Thank you for coming in, won't you receive the gift of FEELING GREAT while you're here?"


A Business Feng Shui design session is an easy, fun + powerful way to bring new vitality into your business + create the space + life you LOVE! I have been creating gorgeous, soulful + successful business spaces for 11 years now, and over that time I have discovered one or two sessions is often not enough to unlock the full potential of a business and help you achieve your desired results.

That's why all of my Business Feng Shui Design plans include both on-site sessions at your business or work space, phone check-ins, and unlimited text + email follow-up support. These high value plans were created to support YOU through the entire process.


    1. Powerful, life-changing on-site Feng Shui design sessions
    2. Follow-up phone sessions to answer questions and help you keep moving towards your desires
    3. Unlimited text + email support: I give you quick answers to your questions. You get my expert opinions on your furniture + decor choices + access to your personal feng shui cheerleader!


    • The activation of your money zone to amplify & keep your finances flowing.
    • The position of your office and desk to improve self confidence, and put you in command of your business world & life.
    • Prioritize areas of your business you want to improve.
    • Your front entrance outside & inside to ensure a positive and fluid attraction of your best clients.
    • First impressions! Your reception/waiting area in your holistic or medical practice, or greeter in your restaurant, office or retail shop to make sure your clients’ experience keeps them coming back for more.
    • New paint colors to align the energy & psychology of the space with your vision.
    • Your floor plan to keep vital ch’i or energy from leaking.
    • Complete re-model support; help you choose the best finishes & materials aligned with your business vision and in loving collaboration with your architect and/or contractor.
    • Lighting, re-design of existing furniture & decor for optimal flow.
    • Budget conscious shopping support for new items and re-using your existing furniture & decor.
    • Correct missing areas of the Bagua when appropriate.
    • Analysis of the surrounding geography of your business for vital energy in the world.


    1. Deep intuitive insight into how your space effects you and any blocks that are showing up in your space
    2. Supportive, experienced help changing your space to reflect your deepest needs and desires and break through blocks in your growth
    3. Color consulting that helps you find the perfect colors for you and your personality!
    4. An easy to follow plan for combining room use, furniture layout, decor, and color into a magical transformation of your space
    5. Ongoing support and encouragement to help you stay clear, motivated, and excited about making changes in your space and in your life
    6. Priority access to savvy design resources, including green and sustainable furniture and decor, incredible color palettes, and helpful DIY how to guides for creating life transformation through modern Feng Shui design without getting bogged down with endless shopping

    Cheryl Janis Designs is based in Sebastopol and services Sonoma + Marin Counties, Berkeley + Oakland.


    For the past eleven years, my work with Feng Shui design has been growing + evolving to meet the diverse needs and desires of my clients and their spaces. During that time certain questions have come up repeatedly. If this list of FAQs doesn't answer your questions, simply use the form above to set up your FREE introductory 20-minute phone session and we'll get your questions answered that way! 


    Maybe, but I've noticed that busy people + vital businesses are usually focused on running the business. That leaves very little time for creating the kind of dramatic improvements to your business space + life that business Feng Shui design offers. 

    One of the biggest benefits of working with me is that I bring an outside perspective, a deep intuitive listening, and an understanding of the principles of energy, interior design, color and flow. You can't learn this stuff from a book. Instead, it requires experience, expertise & intuition -- 3 important qualities you get when you work with me.


    Over the many years I've been showing my clients how to create spaces & lives they LOVE, I've found there's one thing that makes the difference between a successful design session and one without as many results. 

    That one thing is support.  When you are supported, encouraged, inspired and shown how to make both small and gigantic transitions to your space & your life you will always get the BEST results! 

    So I've structured all of my Business Feng Shui design plans with tons of built-in support to ensure an easy, exciting space & life transition you LOVE. In fact, because the support piece is SO important, I don't put a limit on how much support you can get from me. I provide unlimited text and email follow-up support to all of my clients.. 

    That means I'll always answer your questions, and comment on images or links you send me of certain piece of furniture and decor items you're just not sure about. I help you decide what's best, while cheering you on along the way!

    I soooo LOVE hearing your updates and seeing your results, too! You won't ever feel left behind, and I'll always do everything I can to help you create the change you're looking for in your business.


    Some clients come to me with this concern, and I certainly understand the fear of this being too much of a time consuming process.


    The reality is after our first session, you set the pace for the changes. You are in control. I've had clients make changes within hours of our first meeting they are soooo excited, while others take days or several months to implement our plan. It's an organic process & there's never any judgment about it. You get to go at your own pace. Fast or slow, I'll show you how to create the business space & life you love, and guide you through the process.

    Even though this work is related to your business, it's still very personal -- filled with care & intention. By aligning your personal vision of your work or business with your space, you fall in love with everything around you. 


    It can be, but it doesn't have to be and even then the disruptions are temporary. It all depends on how much change you are ready for & what needs to happen for you to create the business & space you LOVE.

    One of the reasons I offer different plans is to meet you where you are right now. I have some clients who want to solve a single, specific problem that's affecting their business. I have other clients who want to overhaul almost everything about their space with a re-design or remodel project -- new furniture, lighting, decor, color -- or they are moving into a new business space and need lots of modern Feng Shui design and support through the process.

    Either way, I always customize my services to fit your needs where you are right now in your life.

    What I know for sure: this work can be fun, exciting + powerful, if you want it to be. And if your desire is to really shake things up and make some BIG changes, trust me, we can do that too!

    From the first day we moved in, we received compliments from unlikely sources. One of our first visitors was our IT guy.  He said, “Wow, the energy in this space is amazing!  You can feel it right away.” The UPS delivery man was the next visitor, and his reaction was the same. It was fun to see these men let their guard down enough to say how much they felt nurtured by our pink and gray space!

    It’s been 6 weeks since move-in day, and I’m at my desk looking at the single largest order we’ve received since I have owned the business!

    Thank you Cheryl! Your Feng Shui design + color expertise have guided me in creating the business I love!
    — Zenana Rose, CEO, Ladies First Inc.

    I’ve seen tremendous financial benefits from working with Cheryl. Within 2 months of making her recommended changes to my clinic, my business increased 300%! Now our reception area — affectionately called the Decompression Zone — feels relaxing and inviting. Patients hang out longer in a nurturing environment and feel well taken care of by our exceptional staff.
    — Dr. Hope Valentine DVM - Balanced Pets NW

    Cheryl helped us totally transform our little Ideabox headquarters with new wall, ceiling colors and furniture layout. It was really surprising. The space went from a likable ‘okay’ reflection of our style {that we weren’t totally in love with} into a professional, elegant and vibrant representation of who we are and the products we sell. We now LOVE our space and enjoy being here every day! Client confidence has gone way up and so have the compliments.
    — Jim Russell | Ideabox



    I TOTALLY understand. Timing is everything and you have to be ready for this kind of change. If now is not a good time to invest in your business, then it might be time to focus on other issues instead of the energy, design and flow of your space. If there's one thing I've seen over and over again, it's that your intuition will tell you when it's time to make the deeper changes that can really open up new levels of success for you.


    We all worry about money to some degree or another and are oftentimes dominated by thoughts that we don't have enough of it. These thoughts can lead to energetic blocks in our lives that show up externally in both our living and work spaces, affecting our quality of life.  For example, some of us will unconsciously block doors and windows preventing new opportunities from reaching us, while others will keep possessions that represent old, unhealthy patterns associated with money. 

    I encourage you to sit quietly with the question, "What is MY relationship to money?" for several long, deep breaths. 

    If your answer is something like, "Money is scarce, hard to get, and something that only other people have" then your views about money may be getting in the way of your business growth.

    I can help! We can certainly work together to enhance the energy and flow of your life, place you in the power position of your space + work on the Wealth Area of your business. However, inner work is also necessary to support the changes we make together in your environment. Together they are a perfect reflection of the inner and outer you and are what create the most profound changes.


    There are several approaches to Feng Shui. Some of these methods are more at home in Chinese & other Asian cultures, where Feng Shui and other similar practices originated.

    When Feng Shui is adapted to Western, European-influenced cultures like we have in the USA, it's important to preserve the deep insights about energy and flow while adapting the outer forms -- like decor and Feng Shui cures -- to modern life!  That's exactly what Feng Shui design does!

    I help you benefit from the timeless insights Feng Shui brings to our understanding of how to live in alignment with the principles of energy flow while creating a business space that feels fresh, stylish, soulful, and one that you & your clients LOVE!

    For example, I do not bring Asian-specific style elements of Feng Shui, like money toads, unless you personally have a connection to money toads. Instead, I work with you to select art and decor that feels powerful to you  and we use that to work with the energy in your space.


    I know how overwhelming shopping  can be. It's supposed to be fun, especially when you're shopping for your business! Over the years, I've worked out a highly efficient shopping system to help my clients find furniture and decor that's perfect for their space without spending a lot of time shopping!

    At the end of our first session together, I'll leave you with a highly efficient shopping system to implement. You'll be inspired to go directly to shop online or at in-person stores I recommend and make your purchases with confidence. I also offer in-real-life shopping services to help you choose the perfect piece of furniture, accessory, rug, light fixture, wall art, or other decor item for your space.


    I never push my clients to spend money. You are always in control of the budget, and I'll work within that budget! I'll also always honor your existing furniture and decor -- re-using and repurposing everything we can.

    Oftentimes drab-feeling decor in one room will suddenly feel alive in another. If you love some or all of your current furniture, you get to keep it and if or when you're ready to buy new furniture we'll work within your budget guidelines.

    Feng Shui design is first and foremost about creating the flow that feels right to you! We can do that using existing furniture or new furniture. You get to decide!

    We’re one month into operating in our new 2,500 square foot space, and the results are better than I could have hoped for! Cheryl helped us create a beautiful space where our pets and their people feel nurtured, confident and trust us to provide the best pet behavior solutions possible.

    Clients are different. They’re more enthusiastic, engaged, and are working with us and their pets as a part of a team effort.

    When clients come through the door they always comment on the new colors and how lovely the space is.

    And best of all, now 95% of initial consultations turn into follow-up visits, compared to 40% in the old space!
    — Valli Parthasarathy | Phd, DVM | Synergy Behavior Solutions

    Working with Cheryl was a breath of fresh air! During the difficult and very busy time of completing our veterinary clinic, Cheryl was there to offer guidance in color selection, furniture and accessory choices and furniture arrangement. She was a grounding element that helped me look deeper at what we were creating. She didn’t tell me the latest fads. Instead she listened to me and understood my vision and helped me create what I really wanted - a beautiful, comfortable healing space for pets + their families.
    — Dr. Kristin Sulis, DVM | Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care

    Cheryl worked with me on the layout, new wall colors and the complete feng shui design of my new dessert business. She showed me how to get every detail of design, color and flow completely right!

    And I’m AMAZED with the results! Every single person who walks through the front door tells me how much they love the space and how relaxed and comfortable they feel here.

    One unexpected result of this was that several local networking groups have set up exclusive arrangements with us to provide meeting space for their groups. They love the space that much! Our sales have increased as a result of this new side business!
    — Stephanie Saint Cyre - Delightful Abundance